Aska Ryo~Songs from the soul 穿透靈魂的歌聲 飛鳥涼 (中英文並列)



通常歌手會有歌路,但我並不覺得飛鳥涼有一定的歌路。三十幾年來,他各種風格的歌都唱過。熱情奔放的Say Yes, 個性十足的Tatoo, 溫柔似水的Man and Woman, 闡述內心掙扎的"月亮出來或許會感覺好一些",情深如海的"抱き合いし恋人", 表達友情的"けれど空は青", 節奏明快的"Hang up the phone".....無論何種情境, Aska擅長以歌聲傳達各種最細微的感覺和無法言喻的情感。

此刻我腦海裡還想不出有哪一個歌手(不管在哪裡),的聲音彈性有這麼大。有些女性角色的歌曲如"Moon light blues",其他女歌手似乎都無法表現得像飛鳥涼那樣淋漓盡致。



Aska, 請繼續為我們歌唱吧!!


I like to turn the volume up when I listen to Aska's song. I want to catch the details of his voice. How he pronounce every word, and how he manage the music...I am really interested in these details.  His voice is unique, and the his singing skill is also one of the best.

Usually an singer has his/her style. They tend to sing songs that are the same style because their voice are the best for certain style of songs. But I don't think Aska has a certain style. He can sing almost every kind of song. All his songs like "Say Yes", "Man and Woman", "When the moon comes out will feel better", "抱き合いし恋人", "けれど空は青", "Tatoo", "Hang up the phone".....these songs are all very different. Aska is very good at express the most subtle feelings with his voice. 

For now I can't think of any singer who has the same ability like Aska does. Even some songs that are for woman character like "Moon Light Blues", Aska version will always beat the others. 

There are many covers of Aska's song. But I always feel something is missing if the song is not performed by Aska. 

Aska's voice is  very rich and his skill is just incredible. He can sing in any way he wants. There's no limitation for him.

Aska, please sing for us one more time!!