Why I think Aska should stay in music industry

After the shocking news about Aska, I listen to his songs almost every day. From youtube I found many clips. From his 20s to his 50s, from his debut in 1979 to Rocket concert 2013. I didn't pay this much attention to his work before. I only knew "Say yes", "You are free"...songs that are quite popular even in Taiwan.

What surprised me is that during these years, his work has been changing and improving. I love his old songs as well, but I can feel that he keeps trying new things in his music.

In the show business, it is hard to be attractive when getting older. But Aska seems developed more and more charm as he ages. Of course he gets old, too. Than how did he do that? Apparently it is because his personality and character.

I can feel his strong will and love for the music. Everytime he sings, it is like his only chance to sing. His soul is in his songs. Completely....he gives himself to the music. It seems that music is the most important thing in his life, and this spirit touched me very deeply.

Aska is a real artist with talent, determination, and spirit. He is not some idol with pretty face. You can feel his passion, happiness, sadness, paradox, struggles in his songs. He sings them from his sensitive, sentimental yet wild and passionate heart.

According to the report about his life in the hospital, he still has his own pace. While following the schedule of the hospital, he didn't stop writing.

He is a tough guy. A singer with the strongest heart.

I don't know what will happen next. But I really want to say:

Aska, please sing for us again!