About Aska, the artist I love so much

Just some random thoughts...

As Aska aging, there seems more heavy feelings in his eyes. When he was 20s or 30s, I can see purely passion and romantic feelings in his eyes. To be accurately, less burden or pressure and full of energy.

The beautiful, gentle flames in his eyes can just burn everyone's heart.

In his 40s and 50s, his eyes became heavier and more sorrowful, even when singing happy songs.

It seems there are so many complicated feelings that he is not able to tell the world. Maybe he doesn't think that people will understand, or maybe even himself doesn't know how to express it accurately.

All these feelings are hidden so deep in his eyes and formed essence of his songs. When you look into his eyes, even just through the camera, you know that he is not that young, passionate Aska, but the Aska with a deeper, more complicated soul.

This might be the reason why Aska's work touched people in so many ways in his different period of life. I don't think his work is following the TREND. His work is following his heart, which is full of sensitive, subtle feelings and thoughts about life, love and everything.
But will this be the things that make Aska painful and even became sick...?

Just wondering...

"歌の中には不自由がない" ......does this indicates that he has no freedom in the real life? What kind of freedom is he yearning? Is it painful feeling NOT FREE? What does Aska really want? Why he feels so hard to be free?

These days I have been watching many clips of Aska's performance. Some are really old clips, some are just 2 years ago.
Well, maybe none of my thoughts are right , those are just some thoughts came to my mine after I watched performance of Aska in different periods.

My Japanese ability is ZERO so if I am wrong please correct me.
Sorry for the long comment...