Is Chen shiua bien Guilty?? No body knows, including the judges!!

OK.....They have locked up Chen Shuie Bien for months.
Is he guilty??
If he is, why don't they just pronounce the judgement?
If he is not, why don't they let him out?

What kind of judges do we have? Oh yeah....We have judges who can lock up anyone they want to!!!

I do agree that Chen dissapointed Taiwanese. But do not tell me that you think it is reasonable that his daughter is banned to go abraod.

Oh you say because Chen is a felony so we shouldn't let his children go abroad? Common.....Don't tell me you don't know that KMT is the most GENEROUS government in the world to those felonies!!! They even gave Wang Chuang Pu(汪傳浦) a new pastport to get away....Where can you find better judges then those in Taiwan?? And remember where Gu Chung Liang is now?? He couldn't be better....right??

(If you don't know who is Wang Chuang Pu and the passport event, click here:

KMT is not just insulting Chen and his family, moreover, he wants to show the attitude "WHAT CAN YOU STUPID TAIWANESE DO TO US? WE ARE JUST SUPERIOR!! I CAN TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT IF I WANT!!"

Ma think himself as a Chinese. He is, actually. He worship how China government treat their people----abuse them and satisfy the high level people. Ma likes the way China is now----no democracy, no human right, no freedom. I can even bet that Ma loves China more than real Chinese. I just want to say it again...He's dying to lick the toes of Hu!!

It is an unfortunate event that Ma was selected as the President of ........

Gee, I don't know what is he....Mr Ma?? Someone tell me please!! What is he???

Taiwanese, please put yourself together, or you might not have the chance to do that ever.


Ma is leading Taiwan strait to hell

Since the DPP lost the campaing, Ma just do everything he want. He refuse to see Wang-Dan, who is an impotant person about China democracy. He refuse to see Dalialama, who is the leader of Tibet and was treated horriblly by CHina government.

Now I think Ma is a slave of Hu Chin Tao. I am sure that Ma is dying to lick the toes of CHina. He thinks that Taiwanese people are savage, not civilized, and stupid, not like those "VIP CHINESE" who came to Taiwan 50 years ago .

Ma look down on this land , these people, and admire the crule leader of China. Democrazy is just not his style. He is a stupid, old fashion tyrant, who thinks his plan might work.

Maybe it wil work??

I am a Taiwanese, I am not a CHinese

Taiwan is the island which has for all practical purposes been independent for half a century, but which China regards as a rebel region that must be reunited with the mainland - by force if necessary.

Well, above is the Taiwan profile which provided by BBC. So now, I hope all Taiwanese know that China prepared more than 100 missles for us!!! What a warming welcome!!!

I am very dissapointed that Ma is leading us to China. He kisses China's ass and kick Taiwanese ass to tell everyone here that he will give Taiwan to CHina, with out any reasons that come from a normal brain.

I am curious that is it true that Taiwanese want to be CHinese??? To be part of CHina? That terrible country?? Taiwanese, Are you sure??

I want my country!! And it is Taiwan, not CHina!!!!