Changes in Aska's voice

I have noticed that Aska's voice have changed several times as he aging. The most familiar tone(音色) for me is "Say Yes" period.

I just watched the video in which he sings in 1979, and I think there is a really huge difference from the voice he had developed in his 30s.

Between 30 and 40, he sings with the unique nasal sound(鼻音)。The volume and the texture at that time was the most familiar to me.

His voice start to became a bit "rough"(just a bit) after he was 45 or so. The voice was very different from that he had in his 30s. Of course the volume is still peerless. There seems to be more sorrow and loneliness in his voice. Umm...more "life" in his voice.

To me it seems became less hot, steamy passion but more deeper feelings. Those feelings are so deep that can penetrate the hearts and hurt you.

Just something I found about Aska's voice :))