Random thoughts (About Aska)

I began to notice Aska when he came to Taiwan 1998(the show in the clip above). I saw a picture of him singing in the rain on the next day paper and I was attracted to him immediately. 

He was really charming and audience loved him so much. The rain was pretty heavy but nobody carried an umbrella. Even the hostess of the show said that:" Do you think Aska is really sexy in the rain like I do? "

Well...I think I am not the best fan of Aska. I have never owned any CD or DVD of CA or Aska until last month. The song I used to love the most is "You are free". I keep the clip of this song(1995 Taipei tour) in my play list. I love to watch the clip very much. Aska was almost perfect when singing this song. 

He looked so elegant ,but you can feel the passion actually burning in his heart . His voice melted the heart of the audience. My impression of Aska actually is from the clip and never changed until I saw the bad news of Aska. I was not going to believe it until all other things happened than......

So I started to read the Japanese News about Aska with google translation. That's the best I can do so far. I want to know what media in Japan say about this. I also want to know how his fans in Japan feel about this incident.

I do hope he will sing again. I do.